About Us

Jonathan, CFI/A&P/IA,

Jonathan is the owner-operator of Phillips Aviation. His passion for aviation began when he received his Private Pilot's Certificate at 16 and continued to develop over 23+ years of service in the Air Force. He has worked on the C-5 Galaxy, C-141 Starlifter, C-17 Globemaster, KC-135 Stratotanker, and the C-130 Hercules. He has continued experience on Cessna, Cub-Crafter/PA-18, Cirrus, and Diamond-series aircraft.

When he's not in the hangar he's at the Air Force Academy's Aeroclub instructing America's next class of servant-leaders. He earned his BS in Psychology and MS in Counseling at Liberty University.

He is a recognized member of the National Association of Flight Instructors as well as the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators.

Christeena, The Boss Lady

If you call, you're gonna hear her voice; you're welcome.

She's been putting up with me for a long time, and now she's stuck answering your phone calls, taking parts orders, and scheduling maintenance.

She's got more than one Master's Degree, and is closing up her PhD so don't think you're going to "out-smart" her; I've tried for over 18 years and it hasn't worked yet.

But, she's a master at organizing and keeping schedules straight so... here she is.